Manitou telehandler course

Manitou telehandler training 

 Manitou machine at rest

Courses for telehandlers take place at our training centres located in major cities across the country or at the customer's premises. Our training courses are aimed at those wishing to obtain the necessary UDT qualifications to carry out work as an operator and/or maintainer.  

Application of the device 

The telescopic loader with variable reach is a specialised forklift truck, mainly intended for transport work on construction sites and in agricultural work. This is due to its design and power, which gives it the ability to transport much larger objects than a basic forklift truck. The machine is used to transport, among other things: 

  • concrete elements, 
  • aggregates, 
  • timber, 
  • steel structures, 
  • and many other materials. 

Some of the best-known manufacturers include: 

  • JCB, 
  • Dieci, 
  • Merlo, 
  • Manitou
  • New Holland. 

If we want to operate such equipment, we must obtain an operator qualification certificate, issued by the UDT. 

the operator directs the equipment

Manitou telehandler 

We carry out training courses for operators as well as maintainers on telescopic handlers from Manitou, among others. They guarantee safe handling on a wide variety of surfaces. During your training, you will learn about their construction and use, and during practical exercises you will learn how to operate them. 

What does the course offer? 

Our course is designed to prepare you for working with a telehandler in terms of theoretical and practical knowledge. We will prepare you in such a way that you will be ready to pass the UDT exam without any problems. During our course, we will train you to become an operator or a maintainer. Those with maintenance qualifications can undertake repair, modernisation and maintenance work on this equipment.  

UDT qualifications 

A trainee wishing to obtain the necessary authorisations to operate telescopic handlers must pass the UDT exam. Our training prepares you to successfully pass the state examination before a commission appointed by the Office of Technical Inspection. If you successfully pass the test, you will receive a badge confirming your qualifications within approximately 2 weeks. The qualifications you receive are valid for 5 years, after which time you must take the exam again. 

Who can start the course?  

The following are eligible for training on telehandlers: 

telescopic loader with Manitou bucket
  • persons over the age of 18, 
  • persons with at least primary education, 
  • persons who do not have medical contraindications for this type of work. 

Our other training courses 

In addition to providing courses in telehandlers, we also teach the operation of other UDT equipment such as: 

  • forklifts, 
  • mobile platforms, 
  • HDS cranes, 
  • cranes. 


We also provide service for UDT equipment. The service work is carried out by our excellent professionals, who will carefully take care of carrying out repairs, upgrades, maintenance and many other necessary service tasks.  


Where are telehandlers used?

Telehandler services are used in agriculture, construction and even mining.

What materials does a telehandler transport?

The telehandler focuses on transporting concrete elements, aggregates, steel structures, timber and many other materials.

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