Course for aerial work platforms and scissor lifts with a certificate entitling you to work abroad

Basket lift (boom lift), scissor lift - material handling equipment under technical supervisionIt is a course designed for the needs of people who plan to travel abroad to work as an operator of mobile platforms. It ends with an exam, after which you receive a certificate entitling you to work on land and at sea in selected European countries. The course program has been carefully prepared by our experienced instructors and is based on the recommendations of the international organization OMHEC, as well as ISO standards: MEWP 18878. We invite you to attend our classes in Warsaw. It is also possible to complete the theoretical part remotely in the form of e-learning.

Who can take the course

The training was created both for people who already work in the profession of operator, but have only Polish qualifications, as well as for those without experience. Depending on the level of advancement, students will learn all the issues needed to pass the exam or only a selected part of them.

The basic requirements for participants are: elementary education or higher, age at least 18 and a medical certificate / declaration of no health contraindications.


Our instructors provide participants with knowledge in the following areas:

  • Types of mobile platforms and their use
  • Construction of aerial work platforms and scissors (in international nomenclature: boom lifts, scissor lifts)
  • Safety rules for the operation of devices
  • Procedure in the event of accidents
  • Binding health and safety regulations and other regulations related to the operation of lifts

Theoretical part - the lecture is supplemented with a practical part, held on the maneuvering yard with the use of devices from the Center's base.

Exam and qualifications

After the end of the classes, a final exam is organized for the participants. It is carried out by accredited instructors, it consists of a theoretical and practical part. Those who pass both parts receive a special certificate in electronic form (to be downloaded within a few weeks of the exam).

The certificate is valid for 5 years and entitles to work on land and sea (drilling rigs) in the OMHEC group countries: Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

For more information on the organizational details, please visit the z frequently asked questions or to e-mail/telephone contact.

Operators of aerial work platforms and scissor lifts (boom lifts, scissor lifts) must be licensed to work abroad

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