Welding of optical fibers

In the era of digitization, the ever-growing demand for fast, high-speed and secure Internet, the profession related to information infrastructure is worth its weight in gold, and everything indicates that in the future it will be worth even more and more! Just like the training courses in this area.


Therefore, do not wait and sign up today for the proprietary Operator Training Center organized by the Operator Training Center course operating a fiber optic splicer. Years of practice in educating high-class specialists and affordable prices - this is what distinguishes us from the competition!

For whom?

It does not matter if you are taking your first steps in the welding industry or are you considering expanding your existing competences, or maybe you just want to refresh and strengthen your existing skills? The SPA offer is just for you! The only condition you have to meet is being of age. You can get the rest with us.

About what?

soba welding optical fibersDuring our course, you will easily acquire theoretical knowledge in the field of construction, operation and operation of a fiber optic splicer, and then use the acquired information in practical operation. What specific issues are included in the curriculum? Here are just a few of them:

  • How to clean and prepare the cable for welding. How to use the Stripper.
  • Design, technical specification, classification and use of fiber optic splicers
  • Total Fiber Technology? What types of optical fibers do we distinguish, how do they work, how do they differ?
  • Potential damage to which the optical fiber is exposed (attenuation, material losses, waveguide losses, micro and macro-bends) and how to prevent them.
  • How to conduct performance tests
  • Basics of health and safety

And many others!


You can find our training centers all over Poland! However, if you value comfort, or if you are not on your way, we will gladly come to you as part of a closed training course.

For how much?

We pride ourselves on the lowest prices on the market in terms of quality. You will not get this level of expertise in the teaching staff, substantive curriculum and guaranteed results anywhere cheaper! In addition, a whole range of different discounts and promotions are planned! For those interested - here is a detailed price list.

What after the course?

A group of smiling people in reflective vests and protective helmetsGraduates of our training courses receive an indefinite certificate of a fiber optic welder from the Office of Technical Inspection. With him, they have a solid foundation to open their own production workshop, find a job in the telecommunications or electrical engineering industry, or simply take their passion for DIY to a whole new, higher level!


Did our offer convince you? Or maybe something still remains unclear to you? Would you like to make an appointment individually? Here are the ways of contact that may be helpful for you


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