Many people have probably heard about compressors, but they do not know exactly what they are and what they are for. An air compressor is nothing more than a device designed to obtain high gas pressure and forcing its flow. Compressors can be used both in industrial and domestic conditions. During operation, the compressor gives off a lot of heat, so it is necessary to have a refrigeration system.

During the OSO training, you will learn how to ensure high reliability and efficiency of compressed air installations and how to deal with the risk of failure.

Our Operator Training Center offers training in the use of air compressors. Among the OSO training offers you will also find other courses, e.g. for forklift operators, telescopic loaders, mobile platforms or welding of optical fibers. We have been trusted by our clients for years. We conduct the courses with due diligence in order to ensure the highest quality of classes.

Here you will find effective, professional compressor training programs. We are able to adapt the training program to the client's needs. We provide specialist staff of trainers, attractive classes and favorable prices. During our classes, each participant will be introduced to topics such as:

Principles of operation

  • Compressed air installations
  • Suction and blower operation
  • Principles of operation
  • Operation of compressors, compressors

In addition, each participant will learn about the legal regulations governing the operation of compressed air devices and installations, as well as the classification and construction of individual types of air compressing installations. The following issues will also be discussed:

  • Health and safety regulations and Fire
  • Compressor capacity control
  • Fixed and transportable pressure tanks
  • Start-up of compressors and their design

Types of compressors:

  • Reciprocating compressors - the most popular device that increases the pressure of gas, most often air. These devices can be single-stage or two-stage. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to obtain a much higher pressure in the tank.
  • Screw compressors - the principle of operation is to pump air by reducing the space between the rotating rotors (screws).
  • Centrifugal compressor - Air is sucked into the center of a rotating radial vane impeller and is forced out by centrifugal forces. Before the air is discharged to the center of the rotor of the next compressor stage, it passes through a diffuser where kinetic energy is converted into pressure.
TYPES OF COMPRESSORS:                        PISTON
                         SCREW                       CENTRIFUGAL

Acquired competences

  • Operation with transportable compressors of various types and types,
  • Active participation in the performance of inspections and repairs of portable compressors,
  • Controlling the quality of performed works,
  • Organization of work of portable compressors in various climatic and atmospheric conditions,
  • Compliance with parameters in the performance of activities at a given position,
  • Applied equipment and means of individual and collective protection,
  • Using the correct methods of performing activities at a given position,
  • Recognition of the threat in the performance of activities at a given position,
  • Performing activities in a given position in a proper manner


Our course it consists of a theoretical and practical part. Students gain knowledge in the field of air compressing devices. In addition, they learn how to start and stop various types of compressors. Students participate in lectures, during which they learn about the legal acts concerning the principles of operation of compressed air devices and installations as well as health and safety regulations on fire protection. Training participants will also learn about the UDT regulations specifying the requirements for pressure vessels.



The compressor course ends with an examination before the UDT commission. Obtaining a positive result guarantees obtaining the qualifications which are valid for 5 years. After the expiry date, it is possible to extend the rights.


Requirements for participants

  • 18 years or older,
  • Minimum primary education,

Purpose of the course

The aim of the course is for the participants to acquire qualifications allowing for the correct and safe operation of mobile compressors and to obtain knowledge in the field of air compressing devices. In addition, we prepare for the exam, after which you can obtain the required qualification certificates.



Our prices are favorable and reasonable. We have attractive discounts for organized groups! Please familiarize yourself with our offer on our website or contact us by phone.


Where to find us

In addition to the headquarters in Warsaw, you can find us in large Polish cities. In the case of organized groups, we travel to our clients. We invite you to check the location of SPA branches on our website.





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