List of certification committees for G1, G2, G3 exams

G1, G2, G3 powers - certification committees

In order to carry out works on installations and power networks in the G1 category, heat in the G2 category and gas networks in the G3 category, appropriate permissions are required. They are referred to as "SEP powers”, But not only SEP - the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers may impose them.

Certification committees that may grant G1 electrical qualifications as well as for the G2 and G3 categories are appointed by the Energy Regulatory Office.

The main certification committees are:

  • SEP - Association of Polish Electrical Engineers
  • PSE - Polish Electrical Installation Association
  • SIMP - Association of Polish Mechanical Engineers
  • SITPS or SITSpoż - Association of Food Industry Engineers and Technicians

ERO may also appoint other certification committees. Therefore, there are several hundred different committees in Poland, before which participants of the so-called G1, G2, G3 trainings - can obtain qualifications.

It is worth pointing out that the powers issued by the examination committees: SEP, PSE, SIMP, SITPS are granted for a specified period of 5 years. After this time, it is necessary to renew them by retaking the exam.

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