Recipes - first aid

First aid is legally regulated. They apply to every person, and also employers, specifying requirements for them in situations where there is a risk of health damage or loss of life.


  • Labor Code - the act amending the act of November 21, 2008 (Journal of Laws No. 223, item 1460), Art. 2091
  • Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of September 26, 1997 on general provisions on health and safety at work (Journal of Laws of 2003, No. 169, item 1650, as amended)
  • Act of September 8, 2006 on the State Medical Rescue
  • Act of June 6, 1997 - Penal Code, Art. 26 and 162
  • Traffic rules

Pursuant to the regulations, any person who fails to provide first aid to a human being in a state of immediate threat to life or health is exposed to a penalty of up to 3 years' imprisonment. Employers are obliged to provide employees with appropriate first aid facilities - hygiene measures, hygienic and sanitary equipment and emergency first aid measures. The basic equipment is a first aid kit. The equipment of the first aid kit depends on the work profile of the plant and the number of employees.

Additionally, it is necessary to train at least one employee who will be responsible for first aid in the workplace. To do this, use courses that will provide you with all the key information on the topic presented.

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