Fire protection powers

To work in positions related to fire service, you need to obtain appropriate qualifications. They are awarded as a result of completing courses and studies. Companies that offer service Fire, should have appropriate powers in this regard.

You can obtain fire-fighting qualifications by graduating from a firefighting school - there are several such facilities in Poland. These are the Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw, the School of Aspirants of the State Fire Service in Kraków or Poznań, or the Central School of the State Fire Service in Częstochowa. Completion of the relevant studies in these institutions and passing the exam confers the title of fire engineer or fire technician.

The second way to obtain fire protection qualifications is to use the courses available in fire schools and training centers operating at the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service. Courses award the title of a fire protection specialist or a fire protection inspector.

The validity of the obtained qualifications is 5 years. After this period, it is necessary to update the knowledge by participating in appropriate training.

Depending on the schools completed, the rights to fire protection and the scope of activities that can be performed vary. Fire inspector has lower powers than a fire protection specialist - the first of them is authorized to carry out activities relating only to specific facilities, buildings and areas, the second, in turn, may also operate in the voivodeship.

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