Forklift truck operator training with variable reach 

We would like to invite you to forklift truck training courses at the Operators Training Centre. We have many years of experience in running courses and thousands of people across Poland have already benefited from our services. Telescopic handlers, due to their great capabilities, are now used in many industries. People with operator or maintenance qualifications are in demand. A course to operate or maintain these machines is a good investment in oneself, increasing one's attractiveness on the job market. 

forklift truck with variable reach during operation

We offer training in the operation and maintenance of telehandlers, but also other types of forklift trucks: 

  • electrical/high-voltage storage, 
  • combustion engines with exchange of LPG cylinders 
  • lifting, 
  • lifting the operator together with the load, 
  • forklift trucks. 

Operator course

Topics discussed on the course include: 

  • information on technical supervision, 
  • use of a specialised trolley, 
  • the device's electronic apparatus, 
  • telescopic loader mechanics, 
  • operator's duties before starting work, 
  • operator tasks during operation, 
  • activities that the operator must carry out after working on the equipment, 
  • health and safety rules for working with a telehandler, 
  • working under special conditions, 
  • classification of forklift trucks and types of authorisation. 

Course of training and examination 

Both types of courses consist of: 

  • the theoretical part, 
  • the practical part. 
specialised forklift truck with attachments

At the end of the training, the trainee takes an examination before a board of the Office of Technical Inspection. 


Upon completion of the training and passing the examination, the participant will receive a qualification certificate confirming the qualification obtained. UDT qualifications are recognised throughout Poland and the European Union. 

Maintenance course

During the variable reach forklift maintenance training course, trainees learn about: 

  • technical documentation and instructions for forklift trucks, 
  • general information on technical supervision, 
  • maintenance plan, 
  • health and safety rules when working on the equipment, 
  • technical conditions of technical supervision, 
  • any standards for forklift trucks/telehandlers, 
  • principles of forklift truck operation, 
  • cleaning methods for the equipment concerned. 

Telescopic handler - applications 

A telehandler is otherwise known as a specialised forklift truck. It is used in places where specific goods need to be transported quickly and efficiently. For this reason, it is used in industry, at bridge and road construction sites, steel structures, viaducts, in warehousing and agricultural work. 

Among the most widely known forklift truck manufacturers are: 

  • OMV, 
  • Toyota, 
  • Manitou, 
  • Bauman, 
  • Hako, 
  • Yale, 
  • BT, 
  • Hyundai, 
  • HC, 
  • Clark, 
  • Taski, 
  • OMG, 
  • Linde, 
  • Nissan,
  • Komatsu, 
  • Mitsubishi, 
  • Still, 
  • Jungheineich, 
  • Hyster,  
  • JCB, 
  • Merlo, 
  • Avent. 


Those wishing to become a maintenance or forklift operator should meet the following conditions: 

telehandler on a construction site
  • be at least 18 years old, 
  • have a minimum of primary education, 
  • present a medical certificate, certifying that there are no contraindications to performing the tasks of the job. 

Trust us 

By choosing to take advantage of our courses we guarantee: 

  • attractive prices, 
  • knowledge imparted by proven and practising lecturers, 
  • a set of required documents, 
  • solid preparation for the UDT exam, 
  • arranging all the formalities for the examination. 

Other services 

 We also provide additional services such as: 

  • servicing, repairing and upgrading equipment, 
  • assistance with the purchase of equipment. 


What forklifts do you provide training for?

We offer a course in the maintenance and operation of forklift trucks, telescopic handlers, ride-on forklifts, internal combustion engines with LPG cylinder, high lift/electric, lifting the operator together with the load.

Do you train in the use of Manitou?

As much as possible. After the course you will have the skills to operate forklifts manufactured by Manitou.

Who can take part in the training?

The requirements before taking the course are: age of majority, minimum basic education, certificate from an occupational physician.

Are the operator and maintenance course two separate courses?

Yes. They are different courses and you have to take an exam after each of them.

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