Scaffolder qualification training

Become a scaffolder 

Scaffolding assembly exercises

Scaffold erectors are construction workers and their main task is to erect and dismantle scaffolding correctly. It is the worker's responsibility to erect the entire scaffolding structure correctly and safely. Scaffolders must be able to read technical drawings and building plans in order to carry out the assembly correctly. Those wishing to become installers must undergo vocational training in this field and then pass a vocational exam. Our company ,,OSO" will prepare you to pass the exam and receive the necessary authorisations.  

Training program 

While attending our course you will learn and teach things such as: 

  • division and functions of scaffolding, 
  • construction of individual scaffolds, 
  • familiarisation with technical documentation, 
  • organisation in terms of the construction site, 
  • health and safety rules, 
  • scaffolding assembly and dismantling exercises, 
  • securing the site of the works carried out in accordance with the rules, 
  • learning on how to do things, 
  • proper inspection of the technical condition of the structure being assembled. 

Classification and types of scaffolding  

Design   Method of use Material used  
Modular Rack Type Special Column Type Goat Type Cantilever Type Frame Type  Mobile (also known as ride-on) Non-mobile  Wood Aluminium Steel Other materials 

Who can start training? 

Structural dismantling exercises

The training provided by our company ,,OSO" is intended for individual clients and organised groups. Our course is designed so that each participant learns the basics of the profession. Those who wish to start their scaffolding training with us must meet requirements such as: 

  • completion of 18 years of age, 
  • no contraindication from a doctor, 
  • education at least at primary level. 

How do you get your licence? 

In order to take the verification exam, you need to go on a course where you will be carefully prepared with basic knowledge of scaffolding and above that learn how to work with it. In order to be qualified for this type of work, you must first pass an exam with a theoretical part and a practical part. The licence for scaffolders is issued by the Institute of Construction and Rock Mining Mechanisation in Warsaw. The licence is issued for an unlimited period of time. 

About us  

The company ,,OSO" has been running courses for scaffolders for many years, so we are a recognised training centre. The courses are conducted by excellent lecturers who are highly experienced and highly qualified in terms of course delivery. So if you want to start training as a scaffolder, sign up for our course and improve your professional qualifications. 

Practical classes on site security

What is scaffolding? 

Scaffolding is a structure usually made of metal to allow other construction workers access to the upper floors of a building. They are made up of vertical support poles, on which horizontal poles are fixed, and on which a platform made of planks is laid. In more recent constructions, lightweight metal prefabricated elements are laid on top of the deck. The vertical poles, on the other hand, are made of steel tubes. 

Questions and Answers

What is scaffolding?

Scaffolding is usually a metal structure designed to allow construction workers to work on the upper floors of a building. 

What will the course participant learn?

The course participant will learn about: the division and functions of scaffolding, organisation in terms of the construction site and will learn other important information about scaffolding installation.