The use of mobile platforms

Working with mobile platforms 

We can increasingly find mobile platforms when hanging up Christmas decorations in towns and in warehouses. In which activities can they be indispensable? 

Festive period 

mobile elevator when dressing the Christmas tree

On city streets, we can find mobile platforms during various works and activities. During the festive season, these include assembling and dismantling decorations or placing ornaments on buildings. When it is time to put up Christmas trees, mobile platforms make it possible to reach the right height quickly and safely. 

Cleaning work  

Clean-up work in parks or streets, among others.They are also used to trim trees and shrubs that grow along streets. Without them, it would be difficult to reach high branches that need to be shortened. Mounting billboards is also difficult without the right equipment, so mobile platforms are essential for this task. 

Windows and gutters 

Cleaning the windows of high-rise buildings is another task where mobile platforms are indispensable. They make the job safe and easy. Finally, mobile platforms are essential for cleaning the gutters that collect rainwater from roofs. Without them, it would be difficult to get to the areas that need cleaning. 

Entertainment sector 

Before and after concerts, speeches and galas, it is important to have helpful tools in mind. Such equipment is docking ramps, which are invaluable when building stages or assembling sound and decoration elements. They allow you to get your equipment to the venue efficiently and safely and install it where it is needed. It is worth remembering that loading ramps avoid inconvenient and time-consuming delays to an event, which is why their use is so important. 

Construction and renovation industry 

Escalators are a key tool on construction and renovation sites, enabling many tasks that would otherwise be difficult and dangerous to perform comfortably and safely.  

Working on buildings 

First and foremost, mobile platforms are indispensable when insulating buildings. With them, workers can reach all the hard-to-reach places on the walls of the building, such as ledges or around roofs, without having to use a ladder or other dangerous equipment. 

hanging platform during window cleaning

Installation of windows 

Moving platforms are also used during window installation, allowing windows to be positioned precisely and accurately. They are also indispensable during the installation of gutters, roofing, as well as bricklaying and plastering work, allowing tasks to be performed comfortably and safely at height. 

Inspection of chimneys 

Another application of mobile platforms is the inspection and repair of ventilation and chimneys, allowing access to hard-to-reach areas such as ventilation ducts or the inside of chimneys, without the need for a ladder. 

Street lighting 

A recent application for mobile platforms is the repair of street lighting, power lines and telephone lines. In this case, the platforms allow access to high-suspended components of the installation, allowing for quick and safe repairs without blocking traffic. 


Moving platforms are a key tool in many warehouses where it is important to move goods at height safely and efficiently. They are used to: 

  • Placing goods on high shelves where access is difficult for workers, increasing the risk of accidents. With mobile platforms, workers can safely and comfortably position or retrieve products without the need for ladders or lifts. 
  • Loading and unloading of heavy vehicles such as lorries or trucks. Moving platforms allow goods to be transferred safely and easily between the vehicle and the warehouse, speeding up the loading and unloading process. 
  • Carry out repairs in the warehouse area. It is often required to position equipment or materials at height to carry out repairs. Mobile platforms allow safe and comfortable movement and work at height, enabling tasks to be carried out efficiently. 
moving platform next to the trees

Other venues  

Moving platforms are an indispensable tool for accessing many places.  

  • Orchards - mainly when picking fruit or pruning tree branches. Movable platforms allow them to comfortably climb to heights without the need for a ladder, which can be dangerous and unwieldy. 
  • Airports - during aircraft overhaul and maintenance, workers need to access the inside of the machine to carry out needed repairs and maintenance. Mobile platforms allow them to get inside the aircraft safely, without the need for a ladder or other equipment. 

Moving platforms are also very useful when loading luggage onto an aircraft, making the loading process much easier and faster. 

  •  Many other locations, such as warehouses, production halls, residential buildings, public facilities.  

As you can see, the mobile platform is a very versatile and useful piece of equipment, often indispensable when you want to get to a hard-to-reach place quickly and easily. 

Questions and Answers

What kind of platforms are used to clean high-rise windows?

Hanging platforms are used to clean the windows of high-rise buildings. 

Can mobile platforms be found in orchards?

Yes, mobile platforms can also be used in orchards when picking fruit or cutting through tree branches.