Welding - what is it and what are the methods?

Welding is not a daily activity for most people. They must have heard about it before, but do they remember exactly what happens when something is welded?

It's about putting the parts together. To understand this, you have to start with something simpler from scratch. First, the most ordinary glue stick - a few zlotys in the best store, open the plug, grab the stick with your hand, lubricate two sheets, join them together, the glue dries up, the sheets are joined together. Everyone knows it. This principle of linking is maintained in subsequent stages of advancement.

People who like crafts will use more and different materials, not just paper. They need a more permanent bond of heavier materials than paper. They then use hot glue. They need a “gun” for it, which, when plugged into the power supply, heats up to two hundred degrees Celsius. When working with high temperatures, you must maintain safe conditions and special care. The gun cartridges are solidified hot glue which melts after being warmed up. Like ice, which melts when it's warm, the glue will become a liquid. Then we connect the two parts together, the glue freezes. However, solidified glue may peel off after a while and some parts may not stick. With simple, lightweight things, that doesn't happen. But sometimes people use heavier materials.

Some use better glue, some even have a soldering iron at home. The soldering iron heats up to a temperature of three hundred and fifty degrees. As a binder, it uses special metal mixtures (alloys) that can be dissolved at home. Which must be safe and with extreme caution at such a high temperature and materials used. The most common alloys used are tin because it dissolves at the lowest temperature. Metal is a solid, solid material that does not deform as easily as glue.

Welding is a joining method used mainly for construction elements - machines and buildings. The temperatures achieved by the welding machines are up to four hundred degrees Celsius. It is impossible to control them at home and without the use of specialized protective equipment - gloves, boots, helmet, etc. OSH training and the use of equipment. In welding, you can additionally use binders, but mainly due to such high temperatures, the metal parts to be joined fuse together. When metal components are used in a construction site, welding is the most durable method of joining as it maintains the form and flexibility of the original parts. When a very large amount of energy is required to achieve such high welding temperatures, the types of welding differ also in the way in which this energy is supplied. There are welding machines powered by chemical gases (inert and active), electric arcs (also made with a tungsten electrode).