Take the course for work at height

A course for work at heightThere are various works at heights, such as painting the roof, installation work, mounting advertisements, trimming trees or washing windows at height. They are extremely dangerous, but industrial mountaineering is definitely worth taking care of. It is a forward-looking job. Work at height applies to all activities on scaffolding, chimneys, platforms or various building structures. The work is dangerous and accidents may occur, the person performing the above-mentioned activities must undergo appropriate medical examinations and also acquire mountaineering qualifications. The employers themselves send their employees to appropriate training. A person working at height must undergo a job training, OSH trainingand take an industrial climber course. There should also be an annotation regarding work above, for example, 3 m. A description of work at heights can be found in the regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of September 26, 1997. It should be emphasized that work safety depends on the equipment and caution. Let us add that practical knowledge is the most important element of working at height.


The works are performed:

  • in rope access
  • in building access


In the case of rope access, a person uses ropes for belaying as well as descending on traverses. Meanwhile, building access enables safe work on all kinds of scaffolding, platforms, ladders, as well as structures on which the worker climbs to the work site.


You must be finished to work at height special course for work at height. The following requirements must be met: at least eighteen years of age, no contraindications to work at height, at least basic education.

The training for work at height covers various topics:

  • rescue techniques
  • types of threats
  • risk assessment
  • legal requirements
  • Health and Safety
  • Practical abillities
  • Principles of belaying